Distinguished with a Solete from the Repsol Guide, Curdelón is not just another wine bar. This Wine Bar of Argentine origin -the name means "great drunkenness" in the Lunfardo language- enhances the wine culture and transmits its magic in a gastronomic space that is necessary in a city like San Sebastián.

San Sebastián - País Vasco
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    Its rigorous selection of prestigious and boutique wineries is the object of desire of local and international customers. Our Vinoteca has a menu of more than 1500 references from all over the world.
    The snack menu includes preserved delicacies, artisan cheeses, sausages and quality olives for a perfect pairing with a glass of wine or champagne that you can drink on the premises. A menu of more than 30 references that vary weekly, which are a jewel for their excellent taste.
    Wine is pleasure, enjoyment, sharing emotions... the most pleasurable and hedonistic part of our life. Tasting is to alert our senses to enjoy each of the moments that wine gives us; to discover those sensations from the visual, olfactory and gustatory point of view. By discovering and naming the emotions and sensations that a glass of wine transmits to us, we can feel it to the fullest.