We are a family-run wine bar, with an experienced team, united by a passion for sharing great wines and a desire to continue discovering them. Friendly service, pleasant atmosphere and a varied and extensive selection of wines.

San Sebastián - País Vasco
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    We have a selection of wines from the new and old world, made by both emblematic and small producers. A constantly evolving collection. We give priority to projects that reflect our passion for authentic wines, family labels, emerging producers and, there is something we can't hide.... Our weakness for champagne. The range is wide, with a unique collection to suit all tastes and budgets, come and enjoy what you like best!
    Assorted wine list by the glass, more than 1500 labels available for corkage, and delicious appetizers to accompany the protagonist: the best Iberian acorn-fed pork products, cheeses, pates, skewers. And our star dish, the octopus. All this and more, in a warm and cozy atmosphere. You can enjoy the sun on our terrace or take refuge from the changing weather inside.

We believe that the best thing about the world of wine is sharing, enjoying this passion in communion. That is why we have opened a meeting place for all Curdelones who are curious and eager to discover and enjoy great wines. It is a monthly meeting, in which 5 exclusive and striking references will be opened, from the old and new world, and where Champagne will not be missing. With a delicious snack included, we will get to know different regions, producers and styles of wine, in a relaxed atmosphere of enjoyment and interaction. If this resonates with you, don't hesitate to contact us for more information. We would be delighted to have you as part of our great Curdelón family.